Big O Recap: Powered by Nyquil

After a long week of work I was looking forward to another tournament at the Big O on Friday night. We ended up with only 13 players but kept the newly changed structure of 4 rebuy rounds which has helped the prize pool. Yours truly was the defending champ and as always the action was fast paced during the rebuy period.

I was able to chip up early and started to build my stack until I ran AQ into AK on an Ace high flop. Towards the end of the rebuy period and with blinds at 400/800, I had around 13K and raised to 3,200 in EP with the Hammer. Todd was on my left and smooth called, Scott pushed all in for 6 or 7K more and then Michael pushed all in having us all covered. I decided to to obviously gamble and try to get lucky, lucky, lucky (plus it’s the mighty Hammer), so I called along with Todd. A four way all in pot PF with Todd holding Qc Js, Scott 8h 8d, Michael Ad Tc and me 7s 2s.

cards     win   %win    lose  %lose   tie  %tie     EV
Js Qc  323556  29.79  760839  70.06  1613  0.15  0.298
8d 8h  310088  28.55  774307  71.30  1613  0.15  0.286
Tc Ad  289579  26.66  794816  73.19  1613  0.15  0.267
7s 2s  161172  14.84  923223  85.01  1613  0.15  0.149
The flop was decent for me but much better for Todd…Qh 5s 2d
cards  win   %win  lose  %lose  tie  %tie     EV
Js Qc  456  55.61   364  44.39    0  0.00  0.556
8d 8h   72   8.78   748  91.22    0  0.00  0.088
Tc Ad  105  12.80   715  87.20    0  0.00  0.128
7s 2s  187  22.80   633  77.20    0  0.00  0.228

The turn was all the more exciting when the Ace hit…(Qh 5s 2d) Ac

cards  win   %win  lose  %lose  tie  %tie     EV
Js Qc    5  12.50    35  87.50    0  0.00  0.125
8d 8h    2   5.00    38  95.00    0  0.00  0.050
Tc Ad   28  70.00    12  30.00    0  0.00  0.700
7s 2s    5  12.50    35  87.50    0  0.00  0.125

But the hammer wouldn’t let me down and a magical 7 appeared on the river to quadruple me up. I played the rush winning a race along with a couple pots here and there.

At the first break we counted up 13 rebuys which wasn’t too shabby considering the smaller field size.

After taking the add-on at the break I was sitting pretty with around 65,000 chips and blinds at 500/1000. Unfortunately I lost 10,000 within the first three hands after the break. Uggh.

We would play for three more rounds before we had our first elimination. Justin was the first player to find the rail when he read Rico as weak and pushed all in with 63o. Rico quickly called with AK and Big Slick held up leaving Justin out in 13th place.

David couldn’t get past Jim and was knocked out in 12th. In a battle of the blinds, Mike limped in the SB and Michael quickly pushed all in from the BB having Mike covered. Mike called with AA while Michael held TT. No lucky Tens for Michael and he was left with 9K with blinds at 800/1600.

A few hands later Todd went out with 2nd pair against Scott’s pair of Aces and then Michael’s A6 was no match for my AA.

Down to nine we headed to the final table and here were the chipcounts:

  1. Mike Ba. - 73,500
  2. Henry - 63,000
  3. Me - 56,000
  4. Jim - 53,500
  5. Scott - 51,000
  6. Stacey - 45,500
  7. Zach - 36,500
  8. Mrs. Mookie - 25,500
  9. Rico - 16,500

I lost about 17,000 on the first few orbits and for the rest of the night was pretty much in push or fold mode. Rico tried to hang on as long as he could but eventually ran out of steam when he lost an all in pot to Mrs. Mookie.

MM looked to keep the momentum going when she was all in again preflop with TT against Stacey’s 22. But as her whole night had gone…the deuce was in the window on the flop and she was left with scraps. She was all in dark on the next hand and was called by a few people. Mike bet the turn with Queen high giving MM some protection, but she wasn’t able to pair either hole cards and Queen high was good.

After a raise preflop Jim and Scott saw a flop of A8x and got it all in…AQ for Jim but 88 for Scott. No lucky runner-runner for Jim and his night ended in 7th place.

After being blinded down to a shortstack, Zach pushed in and was called by me and Mike. A rivered straight gave the pot to Mike and we entered bubble territory. Henry offered we save a few skins for 5th and everyone agreed.

It wasn’t long after this that Henry doubled through Scott with trip deuces which sparked his rush of chips. He was able to knock Scott out a hand or two later when the flush didn’t materialize on the river for Scott.

Henry kept rolling along and accumulating chips while played slowed down a bit down to four players. I was still in push/fold mode picking up enough chips so that my all ins weren’t easy to call. Eventually Henry added the 2nd bounty to his collection when he eliminated Mike in 4th place.

Down to three players play would continue for another 30 minutes before I was all in against Henry with me holding AQs and he KK. No lucky suckouts for me and I was out in 3rd place.

Here is a picture of Henry proudly exclaiming…”I have the stamina of a mongoose !” Woa…ease up on the fanny pack…don’t know what’s worse, the pants, shirt or fanny pack. I think the fanny pack is one of the worse inventions ever. Someone needs to tell Mike Matusow he should shed his…maybe Change100 will have a fashion segment on fanny packs at the WSOP this summer.

Heads up Henry held a slim lead against Stacey (who was under the influence of Nyquil) and the matchup lasted another 30 minutes. Along the way Stacey doubled up with a slowplayed flush and picked up a lot of small pots with a barrage of all in moves. Henry wasn’t catching much in the way of cards and the final hand went down like this…

Both players checked a flop of KQ6, the turn was an Ace and they got it all in with Henry holding Ax and Stacey Q6. The river was no help to Henry and Stacey’s two pair held up for her first win on the season. Congrats !

3 Responses to “Big O Recap: Powered by Nyquil”

  1. Mike Baaaaaaaah Says:

    I was just kiddin’ Stacy….nice comeback….geeeezzz

  2. RoccoBoxer Says:

    Stacy has SKILZ

  3. Michael Says:

    yeah mondo, i now hate 7 more than any other card in the deck

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