Big O Recap: Rrrrocky KO

The Big O hosted another tournament Saturday night and 18 people showed up for Mrs. Mookie’s B-day tournament. We finished phase 1 of the poker room completing the painting, lighting and some of the pictures. The format was the usual rebuy madness and once again we had plenty of early action eclipsing the record with 20 rebuys.I ended up rebuying once when my straight and flush draw didn’t hit against ScottMc but then went on a nice run to chip up early before the break. It wasn’t by skill though as I got lucky in a pot against Mellissa when I called her all in with 99 while she had QQ. The flop brought a Queen but gave me straight draw that hit on the turn. The board didn’t pair and that was one of a few suckouts I was fortunate to hit.

We lost a couple of players before the first break with Zach and Mike Baaaaa hitting the rail in 17th and 18th place. After taking the add-on at the break I had a nice stack of over 60,000.

Rico took a couple of beats early on and was the first to fall after the break in 16th place. I don’t recall the hand and I was in it, but Justin was knocked out. Stacey raised on the button with TT, I pushed all-in from the SB having both she and Greg in the BB covered. Greg called with KJd and Stacey called as well. There was no paint to be found after the last card was dealt and Stacey more than doubled up while eliminating Greg in 14th place. This dented my stack bringing me down to around 40,000.

The birthday girl…Mrs. Mookie didn’t get one pocket pair the entire evening and tried to make an all-in move UTG with 92o only to run into Jim’s AK. ScottMc was riding a shortstack and pushed all-in PF with Ax and Henry moved in behind him with QQ. It was looking grim for Scott until the river brought an Ace and an F-bomb from Henry. This crippled Henry and he was eliminated a couple hands later.

With eleven players left and one more elimination until the final table a big hand went down at our table. With blinds at 1000/2000 ScottMc limped in on the button, Stacey called from the SB and I checked my option in the BB with Q5o. The flop was Q-7-5 with two spades and Stacey quickly lead out with a 6,000 bet. I made it 21,000 and ScottMc went into the tank. He ended up pushing all-in for right under 20,000 more and Stacey quickly called. I counted down my stack and then made the call leaving myself around 10,000 if I lost the pot. ScottMc had ATs for the nut flush draw while Stacey had two pair with 75. Somehow the turn and river were bricks and when the dust cleared I won a huge pot.

With the double elimination the final table was formed with the 9 remaining players.

  1. Armando - 140,500
  2. Scott R. - 105,000
  3. Anna - 88,500
  4. Rocky - 75,000
  5. Toby - 48,500
  6. Mellissa - 45,000
  7. Jim - 37,000
  8. David - 30,500
  9. Carol - 13,000

I didn’t play a hand out of the blinds for nearly two orbits so when I raised in late position to 18,000 with QQ I figured I would probably just take down the blinds. That is until Rocky paused and min-raised me. I tanked for awhile and narrowed down his range to JJ-AA and seriously thought about just mucking the hand PF. I ended up calling and the flop was all babies which prompted him to quickly push all-in. Back to the tank and the more I thought about it I didn’t think he would make this play with anything less than KK or AA so I mucked and saw my stack come back to the field. It was AA so it was a good fold, although I probably should have just mucked the Queens PF.

It took awhile but Carol found an all-in hand and pushed in her stack with AJo. Jim was priced into calling from the BB with 52o and hit eliminating Carol in 9th place.

A few hands later Jim limped in EP and I found AK on the button and raised it up. Rocky gave me a glare and thought about at least calling but ended up folding. Jim finally pushed in his stack with KQh. His signature wasn’t kind to him and he headed to the cash table.

In a battle of the blinds…Mellissa pushed PF from the SB with AJ and a shortstacked David made a stand with JT. No lucky Ten and he finished in 7th. Toby couldn’t get much going at the final table and when he finally pushed all in PF, he got two callers including myself from the BB. I hit with crap and he was the next player to join the “big” cash game.

It was bubble time and we played on for 30 minutes before finally saving a few bucks for 5th place. A little later Scott got all in against Anna and finished in 5th place. Mellissa went into push or fold mode and this worked for awhile. Eventually she went into a hand against Anna and fell in 4th place.

We played three-handed for another 30 minutes and I couldn’t build my stack. It was feast or famine by way of cards and when I did have a hand I couldn’t get any action. I raised on the button with QJh and Rocky called out of the SB. The flop was Queen high and I pushed getting a quick call from Rocky. He had AQ and I didn’t suck out, which gave me 3rd place money to use at the cash game.

I think it was his outfit that threw me off…from now on he’ll be banned from wearing it again:

Heads up Rocky held the chiplead against Anna and was able to whittle her stack down. Anna managed to split a pot and then double up once but it wasn’t enough and in the end Rocky came away with the win. Congrats !

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  1. Michael Boutwell Says:

    i like what you did with the pokerroom, cant wait to see it

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