Big O Recap: Mikey Likes It

You know how I know you’re gay? You say things like this:

“…then my mom asked me if I’m gay. When I said no, she asked if I’m bi-sexual…” spoken by a half-drunk Big O regular whose name rhymes with cycle.

This was just one of the many funny conversations that took place Friday night at the Big O. The best part about playing a home game especially at the Big O is taking a seat amongst friends after a long week of work and shooting the shit while trying to steal each others chips.

The poker room was packed as 20 players showed up for the rebuy/bounty madness. The rebuy period lasted one hour and I spent most of that time out of my seat processing a Big O record 24 rebuys.

Before the rebuy period ended Mike Baaa called Mrs. Mookie’s all in on the flop with KJ while she had AK. Mike wasn’t able to find a miracle on the turn or river and decided to call it night finishing in 20th place.

I couldn’t build my stack at all since I was consistently sitting on 2nd best hands and became a POD…Pay Off Donkey. I limped into the first break and after taking the add-on I was well below average with only 24,000 chips.

Late in level 5 (500/1000) David raised in late position and was called by Justin and Skip. The flop was JJx and David pushed all in and Justin pushed all in behind him. Skip had both players covered and called with J5. David had AK and Justin was way ahead with AJ. Nothing crazy happened on the turn or river and Justin tripled up while knocking David out in 19th place.

Brad knocked Scott out next and Rocky took the remaining crumbs of Skip’s stack. Mellissa eliminated Toby in 16th place while Bubba took out Carol.

Audie had started the evening off slow and wasn’t able to amass any chips. After the break things started to turn around for him and he started making some hands. He won his first bounty of the night sending Greg to the rail in 14th place.

Mrs. Mookie was running short on chips and went to the races with AJ against Brad’s TT. The Tens held up and a dozen players remained. Brad continued to roll by knocking out Bubba and we were on the final table bubble.

I was very short on chips sitting on less than 20K. With blinds at 1500/3000 Audie raised it up big UTG and it folded around to me in the BB. I thought about just calling blind since I was short, but decided to look…QQ. I threw in the rest of my paltry stack and Audie insta-called with AK. Things were looking great for me until the nasty river brought an Ace. Ouch. Out on the final table bubble, breaking my streak of 5 straight final table finishes. I guess it wasn’t so bad getting knocked out by a great American hero…

Here were the final table finishers and their chipcounts:



  1. Michael - 175,000
  2. Brad - 114,000
  3. Audie - 101,500
  4. Justin - 65,000
  5. Rocky - 49,500
  6. Henry - 45,500
  7. Mellissa - 36,000
  8. Jim - 33,500
  9. Rico - 24,000
  10. Lee Anne - 15,500

Since I was out of the tournament I turned my attention to the cash game and didn’t see any of the final table action. Rocky started things of quickly by knocking out Lee Anne and then Mellissa.

Brad sent Rico to the cash game and they were getting close to the money. Play continued for almost another hour when Henry knocked Brad out in 7th place. This put the final 6 on the bubble but they made a save making Brad the unfortunate bubble boy.

Rocky ended Jim’s night in 6th and Audie knocked Henry out in 5th. This was about the time Michael started trying to tilt Audie by repeatedly calling him Audie Murphy. Justin was the victim of Audie’s wrath and bowed out in 4th place.

Down to three players with even chipstacks play slowed down a bit and it would be another 30 minutes before an elimination. Rocky and Michael got all in on a flop that gave Rocky a pair and Michael an OESD. The turn brought the necessary straight card for Michael and Rocky’s bid to become the first multiple winner of 2007 fell short.

Heads up Michael held the chiplead but this matchup lasted nearly 40 minutes as the lead shifted back and forth. There were a couple of suckouts for each side but in the end Michael was able to pull out the win. Congrats !

3 Responses to “Big O Recap: Mikey Likes It”

  1. Michael Boutwell Says:

    lol, great, thanks for the quote mondo

  2. RoccoBoxer Says:

    You know how I know he’s gay? He has the only “un-photoshopped” picture in the Hall of Donks.

  3. admin Says:

    Ha…it was an “anonymous” quote.

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