Big O Recap: Weekend at Mookie’s Tournament

Initially 21 people signed up to play the $20 bounty/rebuy tournament ($10 went to the prize pool and each player had a $10 bounty on themselves). We added another table to the poker room planning for 7 players at each table. I was anxious and excited to have the first tournament with the newly installed projector on the ceiling.

As I typed the player’s names into Tournament Director, I paused and smiled while I typed in M-i-a-m-i-D-o-n-k. Mr. Rogers, LobsterDon and now MiamiDonk…nice. We had a last minute cancellation which left us with 20 players but still went with 3 tables.

Each player started with 10,000 chips with blinds starting at 100/200 going up every 20 minutes. There was 4 rounds of unlimited rebuys. Once a player’s stack hit 5,000 or below they could rebuy…$10 for 10,000 chips. We were looking to break the Big O rebuy record of 23. With the lineup of donkeys we had I knew the record was going down.

I started at a table with Jim, Scott R., MiamiDonk, JJ, Steve and Justin. Within minutes I pulled my first donk move of the evening doubling through Jim when my QJ turned two pair to crack his KK. Not too long after that I padded my stack when AK held up against Justin’s flush draw.

My stack was growing quickly however that all changed when I flopped a straight with 85o on a 9h 7h 6h board. I check-raised Don all in and he beat me to the pot with the MOOOOOOOK…T8. Doh! beaten by my own hand. His hand held up and he doubled through me bringing me back to the pack.

Along the way people were rebuying left and right with most of the rebuys coming from table 2 which had ScottMc, Carol, Rico, Stacey, Bern, Mark and Anna. Table 1 was right behind them and included Michael, Henry, Mrs. Mookie, Josh, Weak and April.

During the last level of rebuys our table went crazy with Don leading the way by moving all in blind multiple times. Many others followed suit but instead of creating more rebuy situations we basically just passed chips back and forth.

By the end of the rebuy period we had easily surpassed the rebuy record with 26 rebuys. ScottMc, Henry and Carol led the way with 3 apiece. Nearly everyone took the optional $10 add-on for 10,000 chips creating a nice prize pool of over $800 including bounties.

Throughout the tournament my sister was passing shots of Patron to both Don and JJ at my table and others at the other two tables. Don was drinking them like water earning himself another nickname for the trip…Donny Patron!

ScottMc started level 5 (blinds at 500/1000) with only 20,000 chips but went on a heater sending Carol to the rail in 20th place. He was feeling bulletproof and made a loose call against Rico and got there on the river to add another bounty to his collection. It was about this time we noticed one of the reasons why people call bloggers ghey…JJ and Jim wore almost identical shirts. Awww how cute….twinkies!

Down to 18 players, we broke down to two tables. Don won his first ever bounty at the Big O when his JJ held up against Steve’s TT. April knocked Josh out in 17th while I collected a bounty when I won a race against Mark.

Weak amassed a nice stack early but ran KK into AA and was on a shorter stack midway through the tournament. He ended up being another victim of ScottMc’s finishing in 15th when his Hammer was cracked.

Henry’s night was ended when his pair of Jacks fell to Anna’s AK when she went runner-runner flush. Stacey was crippled when she lost a big pot to Scott and was knocked out soon after by her own hubby Jim in 13th place.

The blinds continued to climb while my stack stayed stagnant. Every pot was raised preflop and I waited for a spot to shove. JJ raised in EP to 15K with KQ and I jammed my 30K stack with AJ. He called and the King on the flop meant it was time for me to leave the table in 12th place. Who said AJ was gold?

I was of course besides myself after being eliminated. I managed to steal JJ’s phone when he wasn’t paying attention and called his wife explaining everything that had happened. She felt sorry for me and agreed to email me a picture of JJ from his college days. Come to find out he put himself through college by stripping for cash…they used to call him “Lil’ Cubbie”.

Revenge is a bitch my friend. Welcome to the Hall of Donks.

Anna was the next to go after she managed turn to a straight only to get rivered by ScottMc who ended up with Broadway. By this time ScottMc’s stack was overflowing with chips.

Nothing was stopping his run as he added even more to his stack after he got all in with KK against April. Suck, re-suck. Two pairs for April on the flop but the river brought a King and a set for ScottMc. April finished in 10th place and on the final table bubble.

With 9 players remaining the final table was formed. Here were the final table players and their chipcounts:

  1. ScottMc - 299,000
  2. JJ - 88,000
  3. Bern - 62,000
  4. Justin - 43,000
  5. Mrs. Mookie - 37,500
  6. MiamiDonk - 34,500
  7. Jim - 30,000
  8. Scott R. - 29,000
  9. Michael - 18,500

Before the final table action began April got in touch with JoeSpeaker for our first dial-a-shot of the evening. I managed to get a few words in with him before passing the phone around to the rest of the group. Good times. A few minutes later Donny Patron got in touch with a very drunk AlCantHang and another round or three of dial-a-shots went down.

Just how drunk was Al? After the dial-a-shots, I took the phone and we talked for a good 10 minutes before he asked me to put Mookie on the phone. Mookie? This is Mookie!

With the blinds at 2,000/4,000 and ScottMc holding nearly half the chips in the play the rest of the final table faced an uphill climb. I was away from the table when it happened but Bern got mixed up in a hand with JJ and finished in 9th place.

A very short stacked Michael was eliminated at the hands of Jim and ended up being the bubble because the Big O’s biggest chop ever took place. For being the bubble boy Michael won an Iron Cactus gift card compliments of Henry and Carol.

The chop…Let me first start by saying MiamiDon is one smooth talker. I think he must have been a used car salesman in a former life. No one gets the nickname MiamiDon without being a “friend of ours” or a car salesman. :) With barely enough chips to post the next round of blinds he helped orchestrate a chop that saw ScottMc give up 6 of his bounty cards to the others while taking 1st place money outright.

The other 6 each got a bounty card to go along with whatever bounty cards they had collected throughout the evening and then chopped 2nd-5th place money.

Congratulations to ScottMc on the dominating performance and his first Big O victory. What a comeback from only 20,000 chips at the first break.

After the tournament we decided to get a $50NL cash game going with .25/.50 blinds and a mandatory live straddle. The lineup was tough and over the course of the night/early morning included April, Don, Weak, ScottMc, Scott, Jim, JJ, Michael, Mark, Steve and yours truly.

Everyone decided on a couple of rules at the beginning, play everyone hard and no hard feelings. What a tough, intense game it was for such small stakes. Although I felt outmatched at times and lost a couple of big pots early I managed to escape with just a $5 loss.

ScottMc kept the momentum by running over the game at times. He was in a lot of pots and kept the pressure on while building a nice stack. Pride was more at stake than the actual money as no one wanted to be outplayed.

This was by far one of the toughest $50NL games I’d seen mainly due to the fact that everyone was playing like thousands were on the line. I probably learned more in that game than I have over the last year.

Play finally winded down after 3AM and most people left while Don, Jim, JJ and I hung in the poker room until 4AM talking about all kinds of things. When we could barely stay awake we said our good-bye’s and this ended the Weekend at Mookie’s.

I want to first thank Mrs. Mookie for putting up with me over the last few weeks preparing for this weekend. She puts up with a lot of crap from me and this weekend was no different. Thanks to everyone who made it out for the weekend. It was a lot of fun and it was great meeting JJ for the first time and seeing Don and Weak again.

Later this year I’ll begin planning the next Weekend at Mookie’s which will probably take place in April 2008.


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